What People Are Saying...

Amazing experience with Stace!

Stace really helped pull me and my fiancé through the constant changes that COVID-19 forced upon us. I found it really helpful to have her along my wedding planning journey especially as we got closer to the date. On the day of, everything went well and I knew that I didn't have to worry about a thing because Stace knew to anticipate everything. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a planner who will stay calm and help you through anything, even COVID-19 ;)

-June Trinos

Stace is the absolute best!

Stace is a powerhouse capable of doing so many things at a level of excellence that is beyond amazing. We planned most of the wedding and hired her to help us coordinate the final time period of the wedding. Once we got her on board, a weight was lifted from our shoulders. She took care of everything that needed to be handled and was in constant communication with us.

She had previously worked with our vendors which made things even more easier, but was great even with the ones she hadn't worked with. She worked with our budget and even let us use some of her decorations or whatever she had.

Stace is the best at what she does and we can't recommend her enough. Our wedding went off without any problems and was the perfect day we had been planning thanks in part to Stace and her team. You will not be disappointed!

-Joseph Mendoza




Absolutely superb

Stacey was professional and calm, she kept me on track when I was getting overwhelmed and started to procrastinate. Our wedding guests are still commenting on how much they enjoyed themselves and that it was a wedding to remember. Despite my last minute changes. Stacey was able to get everything done within very short timescales, she found solutions to every obstacle that cropped up and executed our wedding plans exceptionally well. Nothing was too much for her to do.
Thank you for all your hard work in making our Wedding day a very special one that we will always remember.

-Janice & Clement McCalla






Great Day of Coordinator

Stace was very helpful in the weeks before the wedding and the day of the wedding. She handled the logistics and setting up of decor, leaving us free to enjoy our day. I would highly recommend her as a DOC




Day Of Coordination Services

My husband and I really enjoyed working with Stacey for our June 1st wedding. She was very knowledgeable and offered tons of advice about the best way to ensure that our ceremony and reception "flowed" perfectly. She was very responsive to all of our requests, and even helped with set up and break down of our wedding decorations. She collected all of our gifts and decorative materials and delivered them to our hotel room after the reception. She also has a fantastic eye for design, and was able to make every table for our reception really shine! We had multiple guests tell us that our wedding was the best they had ever attended, and I couldn't be more thankful for all of Stacey's hard work!

-Vanessa Mackall



She knows her stuff

Stace was absolutely amazing. She knows how to organize a wedding, and helped us cover things that we never would have thought of on our own. Even though she was our day-of coordinator, she was very prompt and responsive during the months leading up to our wedding. I can confidently say that without her, our wedding day would have been very chaotic and stressful, but because of her amazing, calm attitude and expertise, our day was absolutely perfect.



Best Wedding Coordinator!

If you are looking for a wedding coordinator, stop your search now and go with Events by Stace. We hired Stacey to be our day of coordinator but she really helped us up until the wedding day. She's always quick to respond back to my emails and reached out to us to make sure we were on track as well. On the day of the wedding I needed more eyelash glue for my fake lashes and she ran all the way to CVS to get me some to make sure I felt great. To be honest, that's how she made my husband and I feel the entire time. We felt comfortable that if anything went wrong, we didn't have to worry because we had Stacey. Not only is she professional but she's also a nice person and an overall joy to work with.


Thank You Stace!

We genuinely appreciate Stace and all of her hard work. She went above and beyond to help us with our planning process and run the day-of coordination. She's extremely responsive, professional, knowledgeable and offers great suggestions and advice. She provided us with several resources and materials to help in the planning process; they were super helpful, clear and concise, and easy and to follow. She's also very kind, patient and personable, so we enjoyed working with her.

During the big day, not only did she alleviate wedding-day stress, but she also really went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of our day was as successful as possible. She worked effectively with all vendors to ensure the timeline was followed, and troubleshot issues as they occurred, including racing to a nearby store to buy a replacement instax camera, when the one we had for our polaroid/guestbook station suddenly stopped working! We would not have been able to resolve that without her.

Future brides - When you meet and discuss your expectations and needs with her, you will know you are in good hands. She is a great listener and be detailed in your requests and vision, as well as be open to her suggestions/advice to help ensure a smooth wedding day.



A great experience!

Mike and I had the pleasure of working with Stacey and her team for our
wedding on September 29, 2018. Even though, we asked her to be our Day of Coordinator, she really helped us through the entire process. She always reached out, whether it was just checking in or to give us recommendations.  She also provided a timeline that was very easy to follow and helped keep everything on track. We really appreciate her and her team's hard work.

Our wedding rehearsal and wedding day were very organized and stress-free.  Her and her team helped with distributing the bouquets, corsages, and helped put on the boutonnieres. They also took care of the bridal party's purses and arranged transportation for the bridal party to the reception.  For the reception, she lent us frames for the signage and the numbers for the tables. She also helped distribute the gratuities to the vendors after the reception.  Our families and all of our friends had a wonderful time! If you want peace of mind during your wedding, we highly recommend Stacey and her team! They are the best!




Knowledgeable, Professional, & Personable

Stacey-Ann was knowledgeable, professional, and personable from start to finish. Our general approach was to plan the wedding and have Stacey do the day of coordination. She was plugged in from the get go, which made day of coordination flow so smoothly. One of the challenges when planning the event and having a day of coordinator is "the handoff." Stacey gave me the sense of confidence that allowed me to let go of the reins and enjoy the day. She ensured the items we brought to the venue got delivered back to our home and then went above and beyond, fetching something that we forgot there, even though it was entirely our fault. Stacey is thorough in her planning, great to work with, and goes the extra mile. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others.

-Joseph Swartz





It was a pleasure to work with Stacey and I highly recommend hiring her for wedding planning and day of coordinating for a stress-free wedding. She took care of all our day of wedding details and coordination, which allowed us to just enjoy the day. Throughout our wedding planning she was very professional, prompt, and responsive (getting back to me within the hour!). It gave me piece of mind to have her guidance, assistance and advice at anytime. No question was too small or there were never too many questions. She also has a great eye for detail and creative ideas for wedding decorating, I was glad she was able to assist me with this too!







I cannot express how grateful I am that we hired Stacey. Our “simple” wedding ended up being a two day long affair with several different events, and thinking about how it was all going to come together was giving me a major headache. Stacey, from our first conversation, helped me to feel at ease. She got us organized, thought of the stuff we hadn’t, worked seamlessly with our vendors, made our event space GORGEOUS, and was the adult in the room so no one else had to be. It could not have happened without her.



Up until about 2-3 months before our wedding, I had planned EVERYTHING, down to the last minute and every detail. I thought our friends, who had just started their own event planning business, were going to be able to coordinate everything on the day of. Fortunately, I started talking to Stacey about the tasks we had left to do, and she asked me all these questions about logistics on the actual day, and I didn’t have any answers for her. At that point, based on the venue and caterer we had chosen, I knew we needed A LOT of help with decorations, setup, coordination, and cleanup. So, we hired Stacey to help us, and we started to have weekly meetings to review tasks we had checked off our to-do list and plan out how we were going to complete the remaining activities. She was incredibly helpful to bounce ideas and plans off. No matter how big or small, simple or complicated your wedding is going to be, hire a wedding planner/coordinator like Stacey, who is organized, calm, detailed, funny, trustworthy, and kind. As the bride, I was extremely cool and collected leading up to the wedding because we had entrusted all the decorations (even the DIY items) and setup (we had a chuppah—do you know how hard it is to build a chuppah? Very!) to Stacey. We got to enjoy the days leading up to the wedding with our families and friends because we were not worrying about every little detail. When the day finally came, it was POURING RAIN, but it didn’t matter because Stacey worked her butt off coordinating our vendors, setting up the decorations, tables, and chairs, building the chuppah, and making the entire event space beautiful so that we could enjoy our special day. Despite the weather, we had the most perfect day with our families and friends because of our AMAZING wedding coordinator/planner. She did an incredible job, and there aren’t enough words to describe our gratitude for her hard work. THANK YOU EVENTS BY STACE FOR EVERYTHING!!!


Stacey was amazing!!! I had been doing long distance with my fiance and thought I could plan everything on my own, but when it came down to crunch time, my fiance and I decided we needed a day-of-coordinator so that we could actually enjoy our day instead of run around trying to organize everything. I met with a couple of coordinators but chose Stacey to hire because of her relaxed demeanor, fantastic reviews, and pricing. I think she sold me by saying "my job is to take away all your stress." Stacey is worth EVERY PENNY!! which I don't say about most people. She jumped in a month before the wedding and helped us pull everything together (we had about 10 different vendors at this point) and make our special day happen the way we wanted to. She had great ideas to share, but I never felt like she was trying to take over or push her own ideas. Super flexible, responsive, available, and detail-oriented. It was fun working with Stacey and everything went smoothly. I felt she went above and beyond with helping and being available. She did take away so much stress and we could not have done it without her fantastic work!!

Thanks Stacey for making Dec 16th 2017 amazing!


Professional, experienced, attentive to detail, patient, honest, communicative, creative, efficient, punctual--the list goes on! Stacey is every bit of what an "Event Planner/Coordinator" should be. I recently got married and although very cliche, it was indeed the wedding of my dreams. I can start anywhere, but I will start with the floral arrangements.

I'm not a plant person in fact, I can live without flowers. Because of that, this area of planning was the toughest for me. I leaned a lot on Stacey for her expertise. When I tell you STUNNING RESULTS!?! The photo ideas she sent me during the planning stages did not do the actual layout justice. Everything was beautiful from the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres to the ceremony and reception decor. I was extremely pleased and received so many compliments from my bridal party and wedding guests.

There was one thing Stacey did that confirmed I chose the perfect coordinator for my wedding. This, not only, attests to who she is a businesswoman and planner but it also speaks volumes about who she is as a human being. She takes the time to listen to and learn her clients. Stacey went above and beyond to put an extremely personal touch on our sweetheart table and it was a complete surprise to me. It caught me so off guard that I started to shed tears at the oddest moment. Nonetheless, they were happy tears. Very much like Stacey, LaTasha (Events By Stace staff) was also very professional. She was at the reception venue to greet me, escort me, and attend to all of my bridal needs. Birds of a feather...

Stacey and her team took our wedding day and made it into an "Experience". When your event coordinator can do THAT, you've hit the jackpot! Thank you, "Events By Stace"!


We found Stacey on the Historic Oakland (Columbia, MD) website, and we are so grateful that we did! We started with Partial Planning of my daughter's wedding on Sept. 23, 2017. We are going to add the difference in cost for full wedding planning--not because Stacey requested it (actually she has tried to turn us down), but because she went far and beyond our contract. She attended to every detail of a beautiful day. Throughout the planning, she was patient, had a sense of humor, and was amazingly calm. Stacey is the consummate professional. She's very creative, and knows her business--at the same time, she listens to her clients and tailors her services to their style, budget, and needs. Stacey has lots of creative ideas--if you engage her services, be certain to ask her what she thinks--she has lots of great suggestions. She is very responsive throughout the planning process. We are so grateful to have found Stacey--as someone else said, it wasn't until after the event that we realized all the many details she attended to. We would recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone who is certain to make your event memorable and beautiful. You will be so glad you did!